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Baking for Cherry Bombe

“It was pretty much my dream assignment,” says New York City-based photographer Sarah Anne Ward about her recent collaboration with food stylist Victoria Granof  and prop stylist Angharad Bailey for Cherry Bombe, a biannual magazine that celebrates women and food.

Granof pitched Cherry Bombe a story idea on the Easy-Bake Oven and the magazine’s founder, Kerry Diamond, loved the idea. Granof needed to find a photographer, remembered meeting Ward at a recent shoot for Town & Country, asked if she was interested in collaborating on the project. The pair exchanged ideas, including the last four images in today’s slideshow which Ward shot while in college. Granof loved her lighting and the retro feel. Granof wanted a more retro-surrealist picture story, so ideas continued to evolve to include mismatched plates, a paper mâché kid with a rabbit head, a vintage doll with a “rather scary face,” and other props.

“Kerry let us do our thing…a good collaboration is my absolute favorite part of being a photographer; merging ideas/talents to create a beautiful and original work. I think we all had a little piece of childhood in there.”


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