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In Honor of Veteran’s Day: The Homecoming Project

Austin-based photojournalist Erin Trieb spent the last four years photographing the post-combat experience of military service members after embedding herself with the US military and infantry battalions from the 10th Mountain Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, making multiple trips to Afghanistan and living with the troops at Fort Drum’s 10th Mountain US military base for a six-month period. “The Homecoming Project” is a body of work designed to help tell the story of the realities of war, what happens afterwards to both the service members and their families, and the complexities of trauma. Trieb has learned a lot over the years, and has become both professionally and emotionally immersed in the project. “War has changed the people that I photograph, and by photographing them, war has changed me. ‘The Homecoming Project’ is as much a documentation of the US military as it is my own way of trying to understand, cope with and communicate the trauma, strength, beauty and loss that both I and the communities I photograph have witnessed,” Trieb said in a statement. “The Homecoming Project” is more extensive than Trieb imagined back in 2009 when she began. The project now includes the work over over 30 photojournalists and photographs from the veteran community. Trieb ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for “The Homecoming Project” in 2011, and launched an expansion campaign today. With it comes the hope of a larger project incorporating veterans’ stories and their own personal images.


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