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Bushwick’s Market Hotel Where Punk Lives in Brooklyn

Bushick, a “sprawling neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, was one of the borough’s first European settlements and has been known for many things over its long history: for its farms, then for its breweries and factories, then for the blight and crime that descended in the decades after those employers closed,” the The New York Times said in an article about the transitioning area in 2011. Bushwick continues to transition, and has become an even more popular neighborhood for artists, musicians and hipsters as prices in nearby Williamsburg rise.

With the new, comes the end of an era. The Market Hotel opened in 2008 in Bushwick as a venue for punk rock shows and a loft-style living residence. No permits were issued, so both the shows and the residents were under the radar, and illegal, until recently. The Market Hotel is now a legal venue but in order to get the building to code, current residents must move out. Photographer Adam Krause documented The Market Hotel’s residents during their final days. Krause has yet to make it to a Market Hotel show, but he tells PDN via e-mail that he “listened to lots of British Oi! music, ’80s punk, hard core, Jamaican ska and 2tone.” So The Market Hotel seems right up his alley!

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