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Tiny People in a World of Big Food

“Marrying inspired photographs of real food and tiny people with equally inspired captions, photographer Christopher Boffoli creates a smart, funny, quirky vision of what it means to play with your food,” Workman Publishing Company said in a statement about Boffoli’s recently published book, Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food. “Happiness, hope, adventure, pride, love, greed, menace, solitude – it’s our world, seen through a singularly unique and funny lens, in more than 100 scenes from breakfast through dessert.” Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, who was nominated for the James Beard Award for his food photography.

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  1. It’s a whimsical book with delightful photographs and entertaining subtitles. The shrewd subtitles help me to remember the tone and substance on one of my favorite site, yet the expansion of the definitive photographs with the smaller than normal individuals pushes it from diverting to entrancing. A fun repast for the imaginative and somewhat distorted personality.

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