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The Life of a New York City Burlesque Dancer

Brooklyn, New York-based fine-art photographer Amy Touchette “used 24-hour photo sessions and exclusive access to The World Famous *BOB*s private life to produce a deep, unique and moving photographic biography of a woman pursuing dreams of glamour and fame,” Un-Gyve Press said in a statement about Touchette’s new book, Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of the World Famous *BOB*. The World Famous *BOB* is well-known in the world of New York City burlesque, especially for her “over-the-top blonde bombshell image.” Touchette began the project one night after seeing her perform at the infamous club CBGB’s on Bowery Street in Manhattan. Touchette tells PDN via e-mail she “had arrived late, so the only space available was by the stage wings, which was actually serendipitous because it was a very unusual way to take in a burlesque show: when the dancers faced out, I could see their expressions light up with entertainment, but when they turned away I could see their expressions fall to concentration and exhaustion. Seeing what they were up against provided this really rich, full experience that I was very drawn to.”

Images from Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of the World Famous *BOB* are currently on view, only for a few more days, at ClampArt in New York City through November 16, 2013. The exhibition coincides release of Touchette’s monograph of the same title and available on Un-Gyve Press’s website.

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