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The Rockaways: Hurricane Sandy Anniversary

The Rockaway Peninsula, or more commonly known as The Rockaways, is a peninsula of Long Island, located within the borough of Queens in New York City, and was one of the parts of the city ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. The Rockaways, a new book which features Gilles Peress’s images of the storm’s destruction and essays by high school students and other residents of the neighborhood, is now available—for free. The publishing house Concord Free Press is giving away all 4,000 numbered copies. In exchange, everyone who receives a free copy is asked to make a donation to a charity of their choosing or to a person in need, and to pass along the book so the giving continues.  “Like everybody else, I was really moved by the distress of many of the people affected, especially the poorest part of the population in the Rockaways,” Peress told PDN. “I think of all of us felt on some level: How can we help?” (To learn more about the book, the making of the images and Concord Free Press’s work, see the article now on PDN Pulse.)

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