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A Thin Line Between Good and Evil

London-based photographer James Day recently shot this mini portrait series called “Scott & Lucy.” Day shoots all kinds of stuff (still life, portraits, vehicles and some people), and works for all kinds of clients (British Airways, Harvey Nichols, Sony, The New York Times, Vanity Fair and GQ). These intriguing close-up portraits were the result of casting for Day’s “Golden Gods” series he was working on this past summer. The “‘Golden Gods” are a series of close-up portraits where there is very little negative space. Almost the entire frame is filled with the subject’s face, neck, arms and chest. The images are warm in tone. In contrast, “Scott & Lucy” are cold and airy. Day said in a statement, “I thought that Lucy and Scott had a fabulous look which I could pair up nicely. There is something both beautiful and slightly sinister about them and that was what I was trying to capture.”

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