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Photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya is based in New York City, and began his photography career after starting a skateboard company, working in fashion, and writing about musicians. His most famous work and long-term project on LCD Soundsystem became a book, “LCD” (powerHouse) in December 2012. LCD Soundsystem was one of New York City’s most beloved indie bands that later called it quits at the height of their career in 2011. James Murphy, of LCD, said of Wijesooriya’s images, that “there’s an enormous amount of intimacy in them, and promise, and intrusion.”

Wijesooriya is exhibiting his project on masculinity at Rouge 58 in Paris through November 7. Photos from “Masculinism 2013″ are part of a larger series “that explores what I used to think it meant to be appealing as a man and how that idea continues changing for me. It is a confusing and inconclusive process,” Wijesooriya tells PDN via e-mail. The project includes work Wijesooriya has shot over the years. “Juxtaposing photos I’ve taken in gay clubs with ones I’ve shot in boxing rings made sense instantly…these images and ideas feel culturally opposed.”

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