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Fashionable Landscapes: An Aerial View

Advertising and editorial photographer Joseph Ford,who is based in the UK, started his combination series of fashion still-life and landscape images two years ago. Ford tells PDN via e-mail that he was “spending a lot of time in a helicopter going to and from shooting locations … when I got back, I looked through the pictures with the intention of creating a fashion series.” He showed the photos to his friends, stylist Mario Faundez and art director Stephanie Buisseret, who helped him to realize the idea of shooting clothing and accessories as if they were landscapes. The initial series was published in WAD magazine in December 2011.

Earlier this year, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin in Germany asked Ford to produce similar images for the publication. Ford and stylist Almut Vogel began with a shortlist of landscapes. “The shot of the rolling desert sand dunes made me think of stripe-y sweaters, and Almut found a Kenzo sweater that had a similar colour tone to the orange-y magenta-y sand, with dark stripes.” Ford, says it was the most difficult image to produce; he spent 12 hours “arranging and re-arranging every little fold and crest, and tweaking the lighting until it gave me the same sort of highlights along the tops of the ridges as like the desert.”

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