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Lions, and Elephants and Cameras, Oh My

Wildlife photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols’s long-term project documenting the lives of African lions and elephants is currently on view at Anastasia Photo in New York City through October 30, 2013. The corresponding book, Earth to Sky: Among Africa’s Elephants (Aperture 2013), was recently released, and the project was featured in the August 2013 issue of National Geographic, a publication Nichols has been working with for over 30 years. This particular National Graphic article became a unique online experience, in what they are calling “a first of many experiments in digital storytelling.” Photo captions provided by Michael Nichols/Courtesy of Anastasia Photo.

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  1. As an East African resident I am blown away by your images. I have a lot to learn but this has inspired me to get out to Serengeti ASAP”……..

  2. @Lu: Sorry to ‘disappoint’ you, but that’s not the ocean. That’s the open savannah of the Serengeti. You can see a tree in the far distance, and those speckles are undoubtedly Wildebeest (Gnu).
    But it is a great photo. :)

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