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Edward Burtynsky: Water

Two exhibitions of new work by renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky are currently on display at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York through November 2, 2013. The exhibitions, both entitled “Water,” represent Burtynsky’s largest project to date, exploring the world’s water supplies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Iceland, Asia and India.

“While trying to accommodate the growing needs of an expanding – and very thirsty – civilization, we are reshaping the Earth in colossal ways,” Burtynsky said in a statement about the project. “Over five years, I have explored water in various aspects: distress, control, agriculture, aquaculture, waterfront, and source. We have to learn to think more long-term about the consequences of what we are doing, while we are doing it. My hope is that these pictures will stimulate a process of thinking about something essential to our survival, something we often take for granted – until it’s gone.”

“Water” will also be exhibited at the Flowers Gallery in London in mid-October. In addition to the exhibitions, Burtynsky’s fifth book, “Burtynsky-Water” (Steidl 2013) is currently available, and a feature-length film, “Watermark,” will be released in Canada later this fall.

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