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Photoville 2013: “501 Photographs” by Nick Zinner

Nick Zinner, guitarist for New York-based indie rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s, will be exhibiting his photos at Photoville in Brooklyn, a pop-up village of freight containers transformed into temporary exhibition spaces. “501 Photographs,” curated by Sam Barzilay, features images Zinner took between shows while touring with the band.

“I’ve been taking photographs since I was in high school. I’ve got a terrible memory and a tendency towards voyeurism,” Zinner said in a statement. “I was also born with a mild binocular vision disorder which means that essentially I have no depth perception and see the world mostly flat, like a photograph. But that’s not really important.

“What’s important is that somewhere along the way I formed a rock band with my friends, and found myself in a different city every other day, which made me want to look around even more. Everywhere I am I see tiny moments of a time and of a place that will never be repeated, like film stills from a very, very long film. I take photos of everything because I don’t want to miss anything. And sometimes an image can suggest more than it’s showing, and I need what it evokes to attempt to understand the world, or sometimes laugh or sigh or simply just remember.”

Photoville begins this Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 4pm and runs through Sunday, September 29. Photoville will be closed Monday, September 23 through Wednesday, September 25.

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