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Hoop Dreams

When PDN asked Paris-based photographer Adrian Skenderovic about his series “Lost Hoops,” he replies via e-mail, “I don’t want to give too many details, it breaks the magic in my opinion. I like to keep the mystery.” However, after a little coaxing he explains the images were taken while on vacation traveling in Asia. “The homemade look of those hoops caught my eyes. But it took me some time before realizing that I could collect them and maybe do a photo project.” Skenderovic found the first “Lost Hoop” by accident. After that he explored the islands and villages on a scooter seeking them out. “The best ones were found in the middle of nowhere,” he continues. “The edit process when I was back in Paris was important. I kept only the most exotic images. These hoops looks neglected, but in reality people are still playing with them. They are still an essential institution in the local community. For me, these pictures of empty basketball courts are an invitation to play.”  Nothing like a little DIY basketball hoop to keep the community together.

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