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A Bird’s Eye View


German-born, San Francisco-based photographer Thomas Heinser‘s series “Blickwinkel2” (translation: “Point of View”) is currently on display at Gallery 16 in San Francisco. “Blickwinkel2” is a collection of large-scale prints that include aerial views of airport runways, roads, bridges and byways. Gallery 16 said in a statement: “Heinser’s ‘Überblicks,’ as he likes to refer to his aerials, are shot from above in helicopter, the approach is similar. ‘I do not need to alter the reality if I can find and capture it,’ says Heinser. His ongoing portrait, landscape and aerial series often reflects a stark and graphic stillness that is the photographer’s particular way of seeing and organizing the image in his view.” “Blickwinkel2” is on display through October 31, 2013.

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