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What Does 30 Look Like?

Photographer Corina Marie Howell‘s “30 Project,” a series of portraits and interviews with 30-year-old women, was inspired by her friends as well as her own concerns about turning 30. “That state of mind I had right before turning 30 is unique. It’s such a man-made state of anxiety, she told PDN via e-mail. “And the other ladies: They loved it. I think it was almost like a kind of therapy.” Now, at 31, Howell is “much calmer about age. However, I feel that it will probably start all over again when I approach 40. I plan to continue the project then, maybe turn it into a book featuring women at 30, 40, 50 and so on.” To read more about the project, click here. Howell, whose clients include beauty industry leaders like Base Escentuals and Sephora, is based in Los Angeles.

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