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Carefully Arranged Collections


Portland-based photographer Jim Golden’s series of photographs of collections are artfully-arranged labors of love. The only commissioned image from the series is the cameras. Golden’s client Nike commissioned that photograph, which is made up of nearly 200 cameras and required a 14-hour day to shoot. The 10′ x 8′ print hangs in the entrance to Nike’s photo studio. Some articles within the collections are Golden’s or stylist Kristin Lane’s personal effects, but Golden told PDN via email, “for the cameras I emailed about 40 local people to participate and we got a slew of stuff…. Now I’m being contacted all the time with weird stuff – thimbles, pencil sharpeners, car parts, bikes, every Star-Wars figurine ever made, etc. I want to keep it rolling, [continue it as] a long term project, and would LOVE to make a book.” Golden runs a tight ship, working only with Lane, and sometimes an assistant or two. All of the images are composed in camera, and as Golden says, “it’s very gratifying to take the time to craft a beautiful image.”












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