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Sex With the City

In his latest book, F***ing New York, Nikola Tamindzic ponders whether a New Yorker’s love for the City is the most important relationship in his or her life, asking the question to the point of absurdity: What would “screwing” New York City actually look like? Of course, most New Yorkers know all too well what getting screwed by the City is like, usually around the first of the month, but Tamindzic reverses that idea … in more of a literal sense.

Tamindzic’s project began as an extension of the fashion photography he was doing. The project evolved into distant, almost architectural, slightly removed from reality, though quietly sensual photographs—their flow broken up by in-your-face closeups and an occasional overtly humorous shot. The uncanny/unreal city feeling the images evoke are reminiscent of surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico’s plazas, punctuated with a little David Lynchian humor.

See more about the project at www.homeofthevain.com.

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