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Menya’s Miners

French-born, Egypt-based photojournalist Myriam Abdelaziz documents laborers in the city of Menya, Egypt, in her project “Menya’s Kids.” “In the Upper Egypt’s city of Menya (Minya), there are about 350 quarries, where over 20,000 workers are employed,” Abdelaziz said in a statement. “Most of them are illegally hired children who drop out of school to help their family survive, other are poor farmers or fresh graduates suffering from unemployment. Working in the quarries is very dangerous and the children working there die prematurely from electrocution or severe amputation. The exposure to asbestosis through the inhalation of dust containing silica is also a huge problem.” According to Abdelaziz, as Egypt’s economy worsened, more Menyan families sent their kids to the quarries to make $10 to $20 a day. Those who avoid injuries or worse end up contracting serious pulmonary diseases through the inhalation of silicon-laced dust. To see more of Abdelaziz’s work, visit this link.

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