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Perchance to Dream

The “Perchance to Dream” exhibition at the Andrea Meislin Gallery features the work of 25 artists who explore the significance of sleep and dreams through art, photography or film. The subjects in the photographs come from different walks of life: soldiers in Gaza (photographed by Pavel Wolberg) to freight-train hopping teenagers (photographed by Mike Brodie). Yet they all share this basic human activity: sleep. While some of the photographs depict peacefully slumbering subjects, the context of the photographs can be quite unsettling. Pieter Hugo‘s photograph, from his “Permanent Error” series,  presents one of many disenfranchised workers of Ghana’s Agbogbloshie electronics waste dump. Tim Hetherington’s “Lizama, Korengal Valley, Province, Afghanistan” suggests the vulnerability of a sleeping soldier in an Afghan war zone.

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