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Great Balls of Fire

Still-life and product photographer Rob Prideaux was looking for a “decent” shot of fire on a white background as a reference for a project he was working on. He could not find one, so he is making his own. Images from “Smoke & Fire” are shot on the loading dock at his studio in Berkeley. “I can open the huge rollup door on one side, and the giant rollup door on the other, and get plenty of ventilation,” he says. “People get all uncomfortable once you mention gasoline explosions. However, the volume of fuel I’m using is in the milliliters. I guess without more explanation people imagine the kind of stuff you see in action movies. Which would be AWESOME, don’t get me wrong.” These remarkable fireballs appear as they were originally photographed. Minimal retouching is used to clean up the final image.

To see more of what Prideaux calls his “quest to shape one of the more uncontrollable phenomena [fire] in nature,” visit his website.

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  1. Fantastic visuals and colors. I love the depth of the images where the ephemeral flames seem so very tangible. The pictures capture the same kind of natural feel as well-executed watercolors and sumi-e.

  2. I never cease to find it amazing what can be done with a camera in the right hands. These are all beautiful, amazing and at the same time, terrifying to me.

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