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Falling Forever

Images from Kerry Skarbakka‘s long-term project “The Struggle to Right Oneself” are currently on view at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. “Ten Years of Falling,” as the show is appropriately named, includes 28 anxiety-ridden images of the artist in precarious situations, such as falling off rocks, ladders, buildings and trees. Skarbakka has a background in rock climbing, martial arts and acting, which makes him the perfect stuntman. The photographs are shot on location, occasionally with the use of ropes or a harness. Whatever Skarbakka lands on is intentionally obscured either in camera or, when necessary, with Photoshop.

Skarbakka referred to himself as a performance-based photographer in a 2009 interview on NBC’s Today show. “I use my body to describe these tensions and anxieties I’m trying to create, and I use photography to disseminate my ideas.””Ten Years of Falling” at the Kopeikin Gallery is currently on view through September 7, 2013.


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