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Making the Ordinary Unordinary

Lee Materazzi‘s photographs of every day life have a twist that keep you looking. Materazzi’s models, often herself and her mother, interact with their surroundings in strange ways suggesting that these banal scenes possess greater significance than immediately apparent. “My work is prompted by ordinary routines and objects with my daily life; a chair, my favorite blouse, a living room, or simply eating breakfast in the morning, she says in her artists’s statement, “I am interested in our ability to imbue such everyday practices and spaces with meaning, and equally the emotional impact that these actions and spaces then have on our psyche. Through the manipulation of these relationships my work takes form.” These carefully constructed images make you smile. Materazzi is represented by Quint Contemporary Art in La Jolla, CA.

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  1. lacking succinct direction. more like “where can I put this body part?” windshield man did it and so did Guy Bourdin.

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