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Urban Surfers

Urban Surfers


Matt Lyons, 6:35 am.  All Images © Chris Sembrot

Cheesesteaks, the Eagles, the Phillies, Hall & Oates, the Roots, the Liberty Bell and surfers.

Within the city limits of Philadelphia lies an enclave of dedicated surfers who high tail it out of the city at 5am, drive over an hour each way just to catch a few waves during a swell, which, in the Northeast, is from Fall-Spring. Philadelphia-based photographer Chris Sembrot was inspired to photograph “urban surfers” by a few surfer friends who, Sembrot says, “took me under their wings and suffered with the humiliation (that I still bring when I go out with them) of helping a newbie.” Sembrot got the ball rolling from one post on Facebook recruiting “urban surfers” and cites Instagram as an additional source putting him in touch with new subjects and an easy outlet to share new images. All images are shot with available light, usually around 6am for consistency, and uses locations no more than a block from each subject’s home. Check out more of Sembrot’s work here.

 © Chris Sembrot

Jaxon Red, 5:56am.



Alex and Ann Peltz,  6:10am

Howard McCabe Fairmount and 22nd St. 267-210-1598 6:05am

Howard McCabe, 6:05am


Matt Imbrogno (21st and Washington ave. 6:04am) 484-557-0543

Matt Imbrogno, 6:04am


Marco and Samone, 6:25am


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1 Comment

  1. Oh yes…once you have the bug you’ll do anything for some waves. Like driving two hours to surf in Uruguay in the middle of the winter. Love the pictures, very different to what you are used to see as surf photography.

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