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Secret Spots of East Germany’s Secret Service


The Ministry for State Security, commonly known as the “Stasi,” was the official state security service of East Germany between 1950 and 1990, when the Berlin Wall fell and the German Democratic Republic was officially abolished. Berlin-based photographer Valérie Leray’s project,”In the Making” (À l’état latent), looks back into East Germany’s past. Leray photographed inside of two former Stasi command centers: the ministry in Normannenstrasse and the main remand center in Genslerstrasse. These spaces still exist, in basically their original states, and can be visited by the public under the guidance of former prisoners. “In the Making” captures the minimalist, sparse and geometric nature of these once-occupied authoritarian spaces. Leray’s images are currently on display (by appointment only) at maueraum berlin, an artspace created by artist Ralf Obergfell, through July 20th.

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