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Life on the Lake (5 Photos)

Minnesota native Mark Heithoff ‘s series of images of Lake Minnetonka, called “The Lake,” is currently showing at the Burnet Gallery at Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis through September 8, 2013. Lake Minnetonka was named in 1852, and its name came from the Sioux Indian words minne (water) and tonka (big). Rightly so, as the lake covers almost 22 square miles, with many bays, peninsulas and islands, providing lots of scenic views and attracting loads of visitors. Heitoff’s series of images, known as “The Lake,” was photographed from the bow of his parents’ boat over a period of four years (2006-2009).

Out of the estimated 1500 photographs Heitoff produced, only 18 images were selected for the Burnet Gallery show. “The Lake” was made into a photo book of the same name in 2012.

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