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Color My World

 The inspiration, for Adrien Broom‘s The Color Project, ironically, came from a lack of color. “I was at a friend’s house who was repainting a bedroom, and the only thing the room at the time of her visit were white walls and a chair. I thought it was beautiful,” says Broom. The Color Project is an exploration of the world of color as seen through the eyes of a little girl. “I love telling stories and usually build sets that are meant for a single narrative. This is the first time I’m building 8 sets for one continuous story.” Those 8 sets will comprise the 6 colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), white and the full spectrum. Every world (there are 4 so far) is created and shot in her New Haven, CT studio. Even with a solid team (set styling by Kristen Meyer, Floral styling by Tony Palmieri, and makeup & hair by DD Nickel) each set takes about a month to design, source, build and shoot. Sometimes up to 10 people were on set helping out.

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