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Reimagining the Recognizable

In the book “The Invisible City” (Contrasto Publishing) urban spaces and buildings are revisited by Irene Kung, and become, through her camera, a different, silent and motionless space. Rome, New York, London, Madrid, Boston, Milan, Beijing…they are reimagined, becoming magical places, fascinating, full of enigmatic presence, invisible cities. Kung was born in Switzerland and studied visual arts, beginning her career as a painter. In recent years she has worked more with photography, exhibiting in solo and group shows including Photographica Fine Art Gallery in Lugano, Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in Milan, Museo di arte contemporanea Pescheria of Pesaro, Goedhuis Contemporary in London and New York, Galleria Bonomo of Bari and Rome.

Kung was also a winner in the PDN’s 2013 Photo Annual Contest in the Photo Books category. For more on Kung as well as all of the 2013 winners, click here.

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