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Drawn To Water

“Drawn to Water: A Floating Photographic Exhibition” is a new photo exhibition series aboard New York’s East River Ferries. It’s a collaborative project between the East River Ferry and United Photo Industries (UPI). UPI is also a part of Photoville, a summer pop-up photo destination in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

“Drawn to Water” will run for 4 months with a new set of exhibitions every month. The first edition is currently on view through June 28 featuring three different artists work. “Underwater Creatures” is a series of shots of aquatic animals in their natural environs by David Doubilet, Stephen Mallon’s “Next Stop: Atlantic” and Joni Sternbach’s “SurfLand.”

Be sure to tell all of your out-of-town visitors to check it out.

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1 Comment

  1. Being a scuba diver, I like the photo of the tram car being tossed into the water, as I know it will make for a great attraction for both fish and divers.

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