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Pushing the Boundaries

Letha Wilson‘s work uses imagery from the natural world as a starting point for interpretation, construction and confrontation. A broad range of techniques and materials are used – photography, sculpture, installation, concrete, wood – in work that blurs the lines between abstraction and representation, landscape and architecture. The ability for a photograph to transport the viewer is both called upon, and questioned; sculptural intervention attempts to compensate for the photograph’s failure to encompass the physical site it represents. Landscape photography as a genre is approached with equal parts reverence and skepticism. Letha Wilson’s work is on view at Art in General until June 29th. She is currently represented by Higher Pictures in New York City.

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  1. Letha has a very unique style all her own. The surrealism makes for very attractive art. This is the type of artwork you look at and say wow….what a creative mind what creative art. A true pleasure to view.

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