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Glen Luchford: Damaged Negatives

Damaged Negatives,  the new book by fashion photographer Glen Luchford, makes something beautiful out of what sounds like a disaster for any photographer: Several of Luchford’s negatives, including images of Kate Moss and other models, were damaged by water.

“I put the images in storage for two weeks, which turned into two months. The entire storage unit flooded and the owner didn’t tell anyone, so by the time I arrived, the images were just mostly gone or in a state of high deterioration.” But Luchford, who has shot for Italian Vogue, The Face, Prada, Saint Laurent among other clients, was intrigued by the way water subverted his images.  Beautiful faces are obscured by oxidation; couture clothing appears burned. Luchford has said in interviews that he isn’t sure why he treated the negatives so carelessly in the first place, but once they were transformed, he wanted to exhume record them.

Damaged Negatives is published by Dashwood Books, the independent bookstore and publisher, in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

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  1. Although the negatives are damaged I must say that the prints from them in this condition is intriguing. Potentially as interesting as the original unaltered subject.

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