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Jamel Shabazz: Represent (6 Photos)

© Jamel Shabazz

© Jamel Shabazz

“Style and Finesse,” Harlem, NY 2010.  All Images © Jamel Shabazz


Although it’s too late to see Jamel Shabazz‘s “REPRESENT” at the Brooklyn Central Library, you will be able to bring them home in his new book, “REPRESENT: Photographs from 2005-2012 (Jamel Shabazz Productions). The images in this book feature veterans, gang members, mothers, fathers, protesters, fraternities, sororities, and everyday people from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. “I realized that my life’s mission over these past three decades has been to contribute to the preservation of world history and culture for future generations to see and learn from. “REPRESENT” is just one of many chapters of this endeavor, and I hope that this work will have its place in the chronicles of history alongside other books of similar subject matter.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Shabazz has been documenting “urban life” for over 30 years. He gives a lot back to his community by mentoring youth, both in the field of photography and career planning. Represent.


© Jamel Shabazz“The Brothers”


© Jamel Shabazz“The Divas”


© Jamel Shabazz“Breezy Boy Dancers”


© Jamel Shabazz“Federations of Black Cowboys,” Hempstead, NY 2010


© Jamel Shabazz“Dandy,” Harlem, New York 2010

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  1. This group of vibrant images covers beautifully the diversity of Black culture & lifestyle here in American. I can’t help but smile when I look at them and marvel at your talent and dedication to your craft.

    Thank you.

  2. Jamel’s work continues to show Black culture & lifestyle in a positive, beautiful way. Keep it up my brother.

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