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Let’s Play Ball!

Major League Baseball’s opening night is Sunday, March 31st, Rangers vs. Astros. ESPN the Magazine’s MLB Preview 2013 issue features photographer John Huet‘s total-access shoot at the Arizona spring training camps of the Angels and Dodgers. Huet spent 4 days shooting each team’s workouts, an experience that went better after “Picture Day,” when he created an assembly line of photographer/set-ups to shoot 70 Angels and 68 Dodgers within a 2-hour period each (translation: less than 2 minutes per player). Getting brief one-on-one time instantly made the players more comfortable, Huet says, and eased his access as he roamed the camps. For more, follow ESPN the Magazine on Twitter @espnmag.

Extended galleries from Huet’s spring training shoot for ESPN can be viewed here and here.

Captions provided by ESPN The Magazine.

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