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© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo

“Zara #01,” 2008. A hotdog vendor looks at a woman next to a Zara billboard on 5th Avenue. All Images © Natan Dvir/Courtesy of Anastasia Photo

Israeli photographer Natan Dvir‘s first exhibition at Anastasia Photo is currently on view through May 19th. Dvir began this series, “Coming Soon,” in response to his surprise, as a foreigner, at the “numerous ads and billboards covering New York City in a kaleidoscopic commercial net.” By juxtaposing giant billboards against seemingly miniature humans in everyday street scenes, he explores our relationship with branded city centers and the commercial environment we live in.

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo“Massimo Dutti,” 2012. A man looks at a Massimo Dutti billboard on 54th street and 5th Avenue.

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo“Thor Equities,” 2012. A woman and two girls next to a Thor Equities billboard on 5th Avenue.

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo“Juicy Couture #01,” 2008. New Yorkers by a Juicy Couture billboard on 5th Avenue.

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo“The Rockettes,” 2012. Tourists wearing white rain coats ride a bus covered with an ad of The Rockettes in Times Square.

© Natan Dvir / Courtesy Anastasia Photo“Dolce Gabbana #01,” 2012. A hotdog vendor talks to a customer next to a future Dolce Gabbana store on 5th Avenue.

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