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Muslim/American, American/Muslim (7 Photos)

© Robert Gerhardt

© Robert Gerhardt

” Young Girl at Prayers with her Father,”  Muslim American Society, Brooklyn, NY, 2010.  All Images © Robert Gerhardt

“My goal for this project is to try to understand and document the intersection between ‘Muslim’ and ‘American,'” says Robert Gerhardt. Gerhardt first became interested in 2010 this after reading an article about a controversy over converting an unused convent on Staten Island into a mosque and community center. Many local residents protested the intended re-purposing at community board meetings. Muslim communities all over the country simply looking for space to observe their religious beliefs have often been greeted with protests, and in some cases with violence. Gerhardt began this project in 2010 and continues through the present day. His hope is that this photo series can encourage a positive dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims in America.

Prints from “Muslim/American, American/Muslim” are currently on view at the Good Question Gallery in New York City and at the Clayton Staples Gallery at Whicita State University.

© Robert Gerhardt

“Talking Outside of the Mosque,” Parkchester Jame Masjid, Bronx, NY, 2012.

© Robert Gerhardt

“Private Prayers,” Islamic Center of Greater Valley Forge, Devon, PA, 2012.

© Robert Gerhardt

“Mother and Son at Home,” Fort Wayne, IN, 2011.

© Robert Gerhardt

“NYPD Traffic Officer at Prayer,” Park 51, Manhattan, NY, 2012.

© Robert Gerhardt

“Children Playing Cricket in the Park,” Brooklyn, NY, 2011.

© Robert Gerhardt

“Young Women in Class,” Aqsa School, Bridgeview, IL, 2012.

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