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California Vernacular

Liz Kuball’s California Vernacular project captures what life is like to someone who’s moved out west from the east coast and helps explain why so many of us stay. Kuball says “…we hang on—hang on to a world that, to us, is even more fantastic than the one we thought we’d find, because it’s real in its absurdity and because we have stories to tell.” Visit her website to purchase the zine or a print from the project, and to see more of her work.

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  1. I prefer her writing/blog. It tends to have more depth. Untitled (Santa Barbara) is the best from this group. Imo, the series from her website could be edited down. Definitely one too many fillers. The title could also be called Southern California Vernacular. Would be more accurate based on the images. California has a North and a South and the vernacular is very different for each. Would be a more interesting project I think.

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