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Call of the Wild

“This series of animal portraits came as a result of a benefit I helped out with for the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. They gave me behind-the-scenes access to all of these animals so that I could produce prints for the benefit auction. These animals were amazing to photograph. The lions were particularly striking. Their strength is always very apparent, yet their personalities so different. The male lion roared loud enough that I couldn’t hear the zookeeper standing right next to me. He wasn’t happy about my presence and made sure I knew it with his lingering, harmonic growl. The female was the complete opposite: I was able to kneel inches from her and photograph her indefinitely. So peaceful, just laying there staring into the lens. Animals keep you on your toes. It’s just a dance you have to do with them to try to frame something unique, find that window of light that will silhouette them cleanly.” –Courtesy of Michael Patrick O’Leary










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