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Exploring Light

An exhibition on view at Gitterman Gallery in New York City through March 16 features rarely seen images by Kenneth Josephson. This early work of Josephson’s was influenced by Aaron Siskind and Harry Callahan and made while he completed his master’s degree at the Institute of Design in Chicago. The exhibition features two continuous themes that have appeared in Josephson’s work since the 1950s: His exploration of abstraction with light, and his dialogue with nature.

Though much of Josephson’s work deals with conceptual ideas, formal concerns are integral to his vision. His early images have a syncopated rhythm of light which is echoed in much of the work he made in the 1960s. It is in his exploration of the abstraction of light in nature that this rhythm becomes almost meditative. In his later work, nature’s palette becomes more subtle and seemingly infinite.

— Courtesy Gitterman Gallery

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  1. That was a golden time of exploration inspired by Aaaron and Harry at the Photo Department at the Institute of Design. They would sit in the tiny photo department’s office and critique our work. If you are interested in seeing more work, contact the Stephen Daiter gallery in Chicago. http://www.stephendaitergallery.com/

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