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In Defense of Women’s Rights

During the months of November and December 2012, photographer David Goldman traveled to India and Bangladesh to photograph on assignment for the United Nations Trust Fund To End Violence Against Women annual report. These images, taken from the series, convey the lives of  those he met while visiting four beneficiaries of the fund: the Lawyer’s Collective in Delhi, which works to protect women’s rights; the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust in Bangalore that works to help women report abuse and educates about HIV and who took him to photograph some of the women with whom they work, sex workers known as Devadasi; the Adavasi (an aboriginal Indian population) in Ranchi who have struggled with issues of acceptance and equality; and the migrant workers of Dhaka, Bangladesh who have been leaving the country in droves because of poor working conditions.

–Lindsay Comstock

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  1. Gorgeous work of beautiful people; hopefully it will have a positive impact on the people who live there – in light of the women being gang raped in India, and the rest of the world wringing our hands, wondering what to do.

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