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Photographing The Unphotographable

Photographing The Unphotographable

© Wolfgang Tillmans, "Mental Picture, #97"

UnphotographCHRISTIAN-MARCLAY-Silence-(The-Electric-Chair)© Christian Marclay, “Silence (The Electric Chair)”

Throughout photography’s history, photographers have strived to document a new perspective on the world around them. But an exhibition on view at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco explores what gallery owner Jeffrey Fraenkel calls “a parallel history in which photographers and other artists have attempted to describe by photographic means that which is not so readily seen: thought, time, ghosts, god, dreams.” “The Unphotographable,” on view through March 23, features roughly 50 works by photographers from every era and genre who use a variety of techniques to depict the unseen, the hidden or the merely imagined. They include pioneers like Alfred Stieglitz, Clarence John Laughlin, Diane Arbus and Man Ray, contemporary photographers such as Adam Fuss, Idris Khan, Chris McCaw, Jay DeFeo, Wolfgang Tillmans and Paul Graham, and some photographers who worked anonymously. Their images range from the abstract to the spooky.

UnphotographableWOLFGANG-TILLMANS-Mental-Picture-#97© Wolfgang Tillmans, “Mental Picture, #97”

UnphotographKOTA-EZAWA-Lubbock-Lights© Kota Ezawa, “Lubbock Lights”

PAUL-GRAHAM-Fuji-Fujicolor-Super-HR400© Paul Graham, “Fuji Fujicolor Super HR400”

UnphotographBRUCE-CONNOR-Angel-Light© Bruce Connor, “Angel Light”

UnphotographableALFRED-STIEGLITZ-Equivalent© Alfred Stieglitz, “Equivalent”

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