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The Mind’s Eye (3 Photos)

The Mind's Eye (3 Photos)


© Damian Heinisch

Damian Heinisch was one of 20 photographers invited by the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted to interpret visual defects for a traveling exhibition. Photographing glass houses from inside and out, Heinisch created a series representing Diabetes Retinopati, a condition that leaves blind spots on the retina of the eye. The brain effectively fills in the blind spots by interpolating the visible scene.

“I found that fascinating since I saw parallels to digital work in photo post-production,” Heinisch says. “People with eye diseases can easily get into [socially] difficult situations and be misunderstood” because they often seem to be overlooking details, or looking in the wrong direction. “This can lead to tension between [people] in situations or conversations,” Heinisch notes.

“I tried to reflect that tension using a glass house as a symbol: the perspective out of the glass house represents the viewpoint of someone with an eye defect, while a person with healthy eyes looks into the glass house and sees a mystical dark room with unidentified objects.

“The images deceive the viewer in many ways. What seems to be manipulated turns out to be authentic and the other way around.  Observing the images puts you into the position of having a visual problem.”

Heinisch is based in Oslo. More of his work can be seen at damianheinisch.org





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