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Sharon Harper: Sky Gazing (4 Photos)

Sharon Harper: Sky Gazing (4 Photos)

© Sharon Harper


© Sharon Harper

Sharon Harper’s photographic interests lie at the intersection of technology and perception, science and art. She photographs phenomenon, particularly relating to the moon, stars and other celestial objects, that the eye cannot process, using both large-format cameras and 35mm cameras attached to telescopes. Her images record empirical evidence, and at the same time evoke a sense of wonder. Harper explains, “The camera can be seen as a metaphor for the pervasive presence of technology within the landscape, a presence that often interrupts our experience of the natural world. Here the camera creates possibilities for re-interpreting contemporary experience as it mediates and records, generating images that cannot be seen without it.” Her first monograph, From Above and Below, will be released next month by Radius Books.



© Sharon Harper





© Sharon Harper

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