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O Canada (10 photos)

O Canada (10 photos)

03-11-12 Sikh Motorcycle Club - Vancouver BC - Pier 21 69581

© Naomi Harris. Sikh Motorcycle Club – Vancouver BC

On a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, photographer Naomi Harris took a road trip in the summer of 2011 to photograph Canadians coast to coast. Harris, who is Canadian, has lived in the US for the last 14 years and says that before receiving the grant, she had seen more of America and Europe than her own country. “Growing up in Toronto my comprehension of Canada barely extended past Montreal and Ottawa,” she says. “This journey [in 2011] opened my eyes to my country and how special Canadians are.” Harris plans to continue the project in regions of the country where natural resource extraction is helping the Canadian economy. She is also planning a road trip to photograph around the US, in celebration of her recent decision to apply for US citizenship. Harris says she welcomes suggestion of places of significance and beauty that she should visit. (naomi@naomiharris.com)

03-16-12 Gim Wong - Head Tax Activist - Vancouver BC - Pier 21 70260

© Naomi Harris. Gim Wong, Head Tax Activist, Vancouver BC.


07-16-11 Sioux Valley Pow Wow - Manitoba173

© Naomi Harris. Sioux Valley Pow Wow, Manitoba 173.



© Naomi Harris. The 2010 Fjallkona (Icelandic for Ice Queen)/Winnipeg, Manitoba/July 2011


06-11-11 Spock Days Vulcan Alberta14

© Naomi Harris. Trans-Canada Highway/Eastbound Out of Banff, AB.


06-23-11 The Ojulu Family - Calgary AB 58574

© Naomi Harris. The Ojulu Family’s 2nd Day in Canada/Calgary, AB.




07-05-11 Giant Coffee Pot - Davidson SK13

© Naomi Harris. World’s Largest Coffee Pot/Davisdson, Saskatchewan.


06-11-11 Roy & Marilynn Elmer - Vulcan AB 57226

© Naomi Harris. Roy & Marilynn Elmer/Members of the Board for Spock Days/Vulcan, AB.



© Naomi Harris. Beekeeper/Tisdale, Saskatchewan/July 2011


06-13-11 Fantasyland Hotel - West Edmonton Mall 57635

© Naomi Harris. Self-portrait with Mum/Fantasy Land Hotel, West Edmonton Mall/West Edmonton, Alberta/June 2011




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  1. I recognize the 3rd to last photo. It’s from the episode where Kirk & Spock are transported to yet another alternate universe.

  2. Exceptional!

    Does “Head Tax Activist” mean that Gim Wong is the principal tax activist for the Vancouver region? (LOL)

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