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Llama Love

Jen Osborne is a Canadian photographer who currently lives in Berlin, Germany.  Her work typically revolves around therapy and escapism. In early 2012, Jen was sent on assignment by COLORS Magazine to a rehabilitation center in Bellingham, Washington. She was asked to photograph patients at the center during a visit by two friendly llamas named Marisco and N.H Flight of the Eagle. Accompanied by Niki Kuklenski, the llamas stopped at each bed to kiss the patients or receive a hug. The COLORS story explained: “For some, it’s the most cuddling they receive in their time at the center; for others, it’s a welcome novelty, relieving the boredom of life in an institution. The llamas leave a profound impression. ‘I had never met one before,’ remembers Holly Barto, a patient. ‘It was heaven. Just emotionally – to be able to touch an animal and hold an animal close.’ “

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