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My Big Fat Greek Gas Station Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Gas Station Wedding

© Nick Hannes

For a work-in-progress called ‘Projet Méditerranée,’ Belgian photographer Nick Hannes has been traveling through the  20 nations that border the Mediterranean Sea. “The idea is to document the vast area that once was the Roman Empire,” he explains. “Within this historical framework I focus on different contemporary issues, such as migration and cultural exchange between the three continents (Europe, Africa, Asia), the impact of mass tourism on the natural landscapes, urbanization, conflicts and territorial disputes.”

While photographing petrol stations in Greece that have been abandoned in the wake of the European financial crisis, Hannes came upon a Shell station that had been set up for the owner’s wedding party. The owner invited him to return that evening to take photos. Hannes intended to spend half an hour. “But you know how good parties evolve,” he says. “It was 3 am when I left.”

He recounts, “A family member said to me, ‘This is how we respond to a crisis. Please show these pictures to [German chancellor Angela] Merkel. A Greek keeps on laughing and celebrating, even when his money is being taken away.’ ” www.nickhannes.be




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  1. @Maria You are right, because when you’re engulfed in flames, mother hunger is probably the last thing on your mind. Oh wait, no, since you’d probably die, being engulfed in flames is actually the last thing on your mind.

  2. I’m of the same opinion as Maria. The fact that one woman is smoking a cigarette is not the point. Odd how so many can’t seem to see beyond that.
    Whoever said, “Smoking on a gas station cause I don’t give a damn”: Maybe that’s intended to provoke. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think Greece deserves to be suffering a severe economic crisis and social upheaval or not. It is happening, is in full progress.

    This is a PHOTOGRAPHY website. The image is emotionally moving and beautiful, of a wedding, dancing. Probably a very brief respite from sorrow.

    Thank you, David and Nick Hannes, for sharing your photo.

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