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Re-framing the Machine (9 Photos)

Re-framing the Machine (9 Photos)

© Stephen Mallon.

““Re-framing the machine” follows Stephen Mallon’s winding journey over the past 8 years through industrial subjects. On display until November 20th at the Front Room Gallery, Mallon’s selects include images from American Reclamation Volume One, Next Stop Atlantic, The Reefing of the USS Radford, The Salvage of Flight 1549, and other projects. By appointment only.  Please contact  Front Room gallery director, Daniel Aycock, to schedule a viewing.

Above: “Italian forest”.  A man made tree farm.

Stephen Mallon. Above: “Two million houses”.


Stephen Mallon. “The ring”.


Stephen Mallon. “Dry dock”.


© Stephen Mallon. “Diver in the water”.


© Stephen Mallon. “She’s looking at you”.


© Stephen Mallon. “Virginia placement”.


© Stephen Mallon. “Pump room”.



© Stephen Mallon.”Cans”.





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