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Blind Captain (4 Photos)

Blind Captain (4 Photos)

© Laia Abril/Fabrica/For COLORS magazine

Laia Abril, a photographer and associate photo editor at COLORS magazine, photographed boat captain Sinto Bestard in Mallorca, Spain, while on assignment for issue 77,  The Sea. Bestard became blind from a mistake made during an operation on his eyes 40 years ago. Since then he has dedicated his entire life to the sea, boating around the world. This is a portrait series of his daily life inside his ship, called the “Snooty Fox.” Abril is featured in the November 2012 issue of PDN, where she discusses the time she spent at the Fabrica artist residency in Italy (click here to read the article).

Sinto Bestard, Blind Captain in Mallorca, in his boat “Snooty Fox.”






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