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Child Brides (2 Photos)

Child Brides (2 Photos)

Tahani, 8, and her husband, Majed, 27, standing outside their home in Hajjah, Yemen, along with Tahani’s former classmate Ghada, 8, and her husband. © Stephanie Sinclair/VII


According to a recent report by the Ford Foundation and the non-profit organization Girls Not Brides, nearly ten million girls under the age of 18 are married each year, often to men who are ten to 20 years their senior. Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair has been documenting child brides for the last decade in countries like Nepal, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Her images explore the many issues surrounding the cultural practice including poor reproductive health, social isolation, lack of education and domestic violence. Sinclair’s photos along with multimedia presentations by Jessica Dimmock will be on view at “Too Young to Wed,” an exhibition that opens today to mark the inaugural International Day of the Girl Child. The United Nations Population Fund and VII Photo are using the exhibit, on display in the Vistor’s Lobby at the United Nations in New York City, to launch a campaign to “raise awareness about child marriage, help girls who are already married and ultimately, to end the practice forever.” To learn more about child marriage and the exhibition, which ends November 29, 2012, visit tooyoungtowed.org.


When Nujood, seen here in Sana’a, Yemen, was 10 years old she was married to her husband, who was more than 20 years older than her. The couple is now divorced and the story of her marriage caused Yemen’s parliament to consider a law that would establish a minimum age to marry.
© Stephanie Sinclair/VII

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  1. As the mother of a young girl I find these stories heart-breaking. I hope the Yemeni parliament will protect the rights and the lives of the innocent!

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