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The Obama White House

In January 2009, photojournalist Pete Souza became the chief official White House photographer for President Barack Obama as well as the director of the White House photography office. Souza, who was also the official White House photographer for President Reagan, began photographing Obama during his first year as a senator and in 2008 published The Rise of Barack Obama. He considers it his primary duty as the official White House photographer to “visually document” Obama’s presidency for the historical record. To that end, he photographs the president in a variety of situations including at meetings, on Air Force One, interacting with his staff and spending time with his family. Tonight the Leica Gallery in New York City will host “The Obama White House,” an exhibition featuring select images of President Obama by Souza. More behind-the-scenes photos from the White House can be seen at www.flickr.com/whitehouse.

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