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Ice Age (3 Photos)

Ice Age (3 Photos)

© Caleb Cain Marcus. Above: “Perito Moreno, Plate I, Patagonia, 2010.”

Caleb Cain Marcus’s new book, A Portrait of Ice, depicts the glaciers of Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Alaska. It is accompanied with essays by curator and critic Marvin Heiferman and Robin Bell, a senior researcher at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

While on a trip to Patagonia, Marcus began to think about the role of a horizon. “As the boat that crossed Lake Argentino swayed back and forth, I thought about the oppression created by the lack of a horizon in an urban environment and what would happen if there was no visible horizon in the open space. What would happen if it vanished?,” he asks. To create a successful photograph he believes, “The preconceived line between the artist’s vision and what the subject resonates blurs until the influence from artist and subject can no longer be distinguished.” – courtesy of Caleb Cain Marcus.

“Fláajökull, Plate I, Iceland, 2010.”



“Nigardsbreen, Plate I, Norway, 2011.”

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