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The Art of Skateboarding (3 Photos)

The Art of Skateboarding (3 Photos)

“Jimmy Lannon, Manual, San Francisco, California,” 2011. © Allen Ying

Allen Ying is a Brooklyn, New York-based skateboard photographer as well as the founder and editor of 43 magazine. For him, skateboard photography is about more than just taking photos of skaters doing tricks. His goal is to show the “authenticity and artistry of skateboarding” in his images, while also reflecting the culture of the sport. On Friday, September 28, Kinfolk Studios in Brooklyn, New York, will open “Allen Ying: Select Photographs 2002-2012.” Some prints exhibited will also be available to purchase for $50.


“Bradley Sheppard, Wallie Melon Grab, Queens, New York,” 2010. © Allen Ying


“Dave Caddo, Ollie, Brooklyn, New York,” 2006. © Allen Ying

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